Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's the Little Things

Well, we said our farewells to Mill Valley, California. It's been a great home for the last 5 years. We brought our son here as a toddling 1 year old, and departed with our third child toddling down the same front steps. We realized amidst the farewells that in life, it truly is the little things. The neighbor who waves you off each morning on your way to school (we'll miss you Georgette), the bartender who remembers what beers you like (so long Carla) and the happy laughs and big hugs of little boys who are just learning how to say goodbye. The so-so sushi bar, the colossal roses, the winding shady backroads, the way the fog blankets the tall trees in the morning and is a distant memory by noon. We are ready for our new adventure but we'll really miss you, Mill Valley.